How we met…

Doug & Jameal at the 2010 YAC Weekend

Jameal & Doug at the 2010 YAC Weekend

Jameal’s story:

Doug and I met on August 13, 2010 at a ‘meet & greet’ function which was a part of the Y.A.C. Weekend for young adults in the DC area ( ). We were both mingling with folks at the event, when we found our way to each other. It wasn’t love at first sight, but I thought he was very handsome and he seemed to know everyone in the room. That being said, he seemed like a pretty cool guy, so I assumed he might be out of my league.  We made small talk at different events during the weekend, but nothing really came of it. Throughout the fall, we ran into each other occasionally, as we both attended singles and young adults events hosted by various congregations in the DC area. I must admit, I went to the Bible studies and events to learn and to fellowship with others, but the icing on the cake for me was always seeing Doug’s Corolla parked outside. 🙂 After seeing Doug here and there, I finally got up the nerve to… ask my friends to mention my name to Doug. Two friends in particular were extremely helpful in this endeavor. My wonderful friend Alvenia began to talk me up around Doug and she even got his close friend, Jessica in on it too! Between the two of them, they mentioned my name here and there to Doug and told him how awesome I was. 😛 Thanks, girls!

On December 5, 2010, I helped to host a Singles Social Brunch at my church, and guess who showed up? Doug! I was excited to see him (but I tried not to show it too much) and I was even more excited when he asked for my number after the event was over. Doug called me the following Monday and invited me on a date to McCormick & Schmick’s at the National Harbor in Maryland (National Harbor). It was a great choice, because I love seafood! We ate, talked and after having a few awkward moments during lunch, I realized this guy is definitely not out of my league! Nevertheless, after we finished lunch, I still asked him if he wanted to walk around the harbor with me. I definitely didn’t want the date to end, and I think he knew that. I thought to myself, this guy is kinda different, but I for some reason, I still like him! After our initial date, Doug called me about once or twice a week for about a month. I always looked forward to his calls and wanted to talk for longer than the amount of time we had. What initially attracted me to Doug was his kindness, his love for God and his genuine concern for me. After we had been talking for a while, Doug introduced the idea of  ‘courtship’ to me and sent me information on it.  Simply put, courting is dating purposefully – primarily to see if two people are suitable for marriage.  I gained insight about it by talking with my Mom and friends about the courtship process. Afer discussing it further, Doug and I decided to start courting.  Then, I asked Doug (just for clarification),  so “this means we can’t talk to other people, right?’ Doug responded, “Well, I’m not focused on anyone else but you, so yeah!’ After I heard that, ‘I typed a text to this guy I used to see, saying that I met this handsome man with whom I wanna be!’ And the rest, my friends is history!

Doug’s story:

I met Jameal in August of 2010 at the Young Adult Christian (YAC) Weekend in DC. I learned from her that she just graduated from grad school and recently moved to the area. She had a big smile and a pretty voice. But because I was involved with planning and executing the weekend-long event, my mind was tied up in so many other things that I didn’t fully take notice initially. That Sunday, my good friend Byron and I, went to her church, Beltway Church of Christ, to thank everyone involved with the weekend-long event. Jameal had just placed membership there, so there was a special announcement welcoming her to the church. In addition, the preacher gave Jameal so many praises and thanked her for all of the work that she has helped with on their previous community service project. I took note of that and was impressed.

It wasn’t until 2 or 3 months later until I really begin to investigate who Jameal was. We always made our way to each other to chat after area-wide singles ministry events. I enjoyed the small talks we had, and I could quickly see that she was a positive person. I asked around to close friends in the area, trying to find the “catch” with her. I had only heard positive things on this new girl. Simultaneously, my good friend Jessica mentioned her to me as someone sweet, while I had already been thinking about Jameal. That gave me more confidence that she could be someone special.

After no “catch” was found, I moved in quickly to figure out who she really was. She invited me to a singles ministry event at her church in December. My mission was to get some good quality time with her at that event and set up a date with her soon. I brought two female friends from Laurel to make the mission not seem so obvious. While showing up to the event, she was the one running around this time, and I could barely get in a sentence with her. So, to accomplish the mission, I just asked for her phone number at the end, not caring how awkward it sounded.

I called her the next day, and set up a date for the weekend to go on a lunch date after morning worship service. We went to McCormick and Schmicks. Most of the conversation centered around family and health, which are mutual interests. I knew she liked me when she extended the date to walk around the national harbor. She also suggested that we spend time together the next weekend. So, the date went better than I expected! My next mission was to keep asking her to go somewhere every week, so I could get as much face-to-face time in with her as I could. She kept accepting, and I don’t think she ever declined. We truly enjoyed being around each other, and our mutual respect and love for each other grew. I had found a true jewel, and I knew it.



  1. Aunt Karen says:

    ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL…the stories and the website!! Congratulations and keep God first.

  2. Delcia Harper-Baxter says:

    I am so very happy for both of you. This is wonderful ! Now, if only I can keep your mom calm, we will be okay ! 🙂 Congratulations and love you dearly !

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