The Proposal

Her Story:

So, here’s the real story to the ‘surprise proposal!’ Somehow, without my knowledge Doug, brought my family (parents, brother, four aunts), best friend, close friends and his parents to National Harbor, MD. Doug had two of our good friends to invite us on a double date, then once we got to National Harbor, they told us that the wait for the restaurant was too long, but they had a suite in the aLoft hotel (that they reserved for their anniversary) that we could wait in. Once we got to the room, I saw a dozen roses, my Mom and Aunts (all teary-eyed) and my little brother right away. I was completely shocked, but I figured out what was going on very quickly! Doug had me to read a scripture that he had selected, then he started his speech, and led me to the balcony where he proposed. It was beautiful! And to top off the engagement, I got to spend a long weekend with some of the people that I love the most! Thank God!

His Story:

I asked Jameal’s friend from church, Naomi, to call Jameal about a week and a half before to ask us out on a double date with her and her husband, Mickey. On the day of the supposed double-date, I picked up Jameal in my car, and drove her to the National Harbor. The plan was to get to the National Harbor by 6:45. We got there 15 minutes earlier, so I had to stall for 15 minutes. I kept her away from the Aloft Hotel, the site where we were supposed to meet Mickey and Naomi. There was a jewelry store close by, so we walked in. We also sat around and just talked, waiting to hear a call from Mickey and Naomi. The night was so beautiful while we were sitting around, that Jameal jokingly made speculations that I had a ring in my pocket, and that I was about to propose right there. Jameal even touched all of my pockets to check for a ring box. She didn’t know what was coming her way!

Mickey and Naomi called Jameal’s phone at around 6:50, and they let us know that they are waiting in the Aloft Hotel. We walked over to the hotel, greeted them, and had a conversation. While we’re having conversation, I secretly slid Mickey the key to suite, so he could be the one to open the door once we got there. Jameal, being the sweet person that she is, brought Mickey and Naomi flowers for their anniversary. Mickey and Naomi let us know that there is a long wait in the restaurant, but they had rented a suite in the Aloft Hotel for their anniversary that we could all wait in. We agreed, and walked up. The time is now 6:55.

It felt like I was about to perform on stage, like a step show or something. We got to room 517, Mickey opened the door, and Jameal walked into a room full of her loved ones. Her mother, father, brother, 4 aunts, close friends, and my parents were all in the room standing up. I gave Jameal a few seconds to go through the initial shock, which was huge. She was so shocked, I don’t think she heard anything that I said, but she knew exactly what was going down. Everyone in the room remained silent.

I began my spill after about 5 seconds. I told Jameal that I loved her, and asked her to walk towards a bible. I asked her to read Proverbs 18:22 “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD.” She read, and I told her how much of an amazing woman of God she is. On her end, she was still identifying people in the crowd, and she was still shocked by each person there. So, all she heard from me was “Bla Bla Bla bla bla Bla bla.”

I led her out to the balcony. On the way, her brother, Kardell, secretly slid me the ring box in a way that no one saw the exchange. We walked to the balcony, which was overlooking the Potomac river at sunset. I told her that I wanted her more than anything. I told her that I loved her again, and asked her to marry me. She said “Yes.”

Here are a few pictures (below), click the following link to see a complete album of pictures: Engagement Photos



  1. Felicia Blunt says:

    HI Doug, I have known you since you were a little kid, I am so proud of the young man you have become, Congrats to you and Jameal. Remember to ALWAYS KEEP GOD FIRST in your lives.(Finding a Christian spouse is a WONDERFULLY THING)

  2. Beulah Foster says:

    Jameal & Doug may God continue to bless and shower you with his love and may you always look to him for guidance and direction in all you do.

    Aunt Bookie

  3. Carletha Addison says:

    It was such a beautiful weekend. Douglas, thank you for recognizing the precious jewel that you have. I know that God will continue to bless you and my daughter. Knowing that you are a MAN that loves our God has put my mind at ease with your union. I know that both of you will continue in the faith which will continue to make the blessings flow.


  4. Delcia Harper-Baxter says:

    OH, how wonderful ! We were on pins and needles here… wondering your every move. Doug, you have a jewel, of course you know this ! We are excited in Sumter and getting ready.. better go now, gotta work ! Love to both of you

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